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Assessing what it would take for the community to maintain and manage the buildings going forward (particularly the Victoria Hall).


The options appraisal is the next stage in reviewing Auchtermuchty's community halls. The community survey focused on what facilities the community wants and will use. Equally important is an assessment of the buildings and what it would take to maintain and manage them going forward.

The Trust has started by looking at the Victoria Hall. This is where the Theatre Group holds its panto (with 800 attending each year) and other plays, and where the Flower Show and parts of the Festival are held. It’s a great building but needs to be brought up to date and can definitely be used much more.

The Trust commissioned Kinbank and Richard Atkins (Chartered Architect) to conduct an options appraisal of the Victoria Hall whilst also taking into account the role of the Town Hall, Community Centre and other venues in Auchtermuchty.

The options appraisal is in two parts with a separate overview:

Architectural assessment

As part of the options appraisal, the Trust carried out an architectural assessment of the Victoria Hall, including sketch drawings to promote planned improvements to funders. This also gives the trustees something to discuss further with the community.

Business plan

The trustees will be developing a business plan to demonstrate whether or not the Victoria Hall would be sustainable as a community run facility. If you have experience in business planning, and would like to help the Trust in this process, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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